Since the '80s Tecnoideal has developed automatic personalized solutions for producing medical devices, gaining a solid expertise in a variety of production fields and environments.

Our ability of producing custom machinery and personalizing our semi-automatic machines allows us to present the right fulfillment of their production and process needs to our clients.

Since their inception, our semi-automatic machines were conceived as an integral component of a larger production line. That's why we can provide customized tubing cutters or solvent dispensers expressly configured with specific accessories, with the purpose of performing a given task or achieving certain productivity levels.

When dealing with fully automatic solutions, customization in itself is the basic constituent of the automatic machine design. Be it the number of stations, processing typology, hardware or software, each customization project is unique and each automation is a distinctive production process.

In the case of blood lines or filter assembly lines – the feather in the Tecnoideal's production cap – it is possible to customize the automatic line, achieving specific levels of hourly production; generating assemblies of various complexity and quality; and integrating other automations or equipment comprised in the final production line.


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