Tubing cutters

Tubing cutters

"Every cut is a new start"

Tecnoideal offers a wide range of medical and industrial-grade tubing cutters, studied and designed to satisfy the needs of various industries.

Our solutions are ideal for processing tubing either coiled or directly from the extrusion line.


Downloadable documents for Tubing cutters

 Tubing cutters technical brochure - pdf

 Motorized Uncoiler brochure - pdf


Our cutters are particularly suitable to process tubing used in the medical field, where length precision, cut accuracy and quality of the materials in contact with the tube are paramount.


Cutting system operation and advantages

  • Clean cut, without wastage, burrs or material removal
  • Length measurement by encoder, achieving a precise, quality cut
  • Automatic length correction
  • High speed, precise cut
  • Versatile units, to be customized according to the application
  • Components provided by leading suppliers
  • Customizable software, according to the client's needs
  • Reduction of production scrap and costs
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Dedicated uncoiling unit and hauling off system ensure maximum reproducibility of the cutting length.
  • Advanced technical construction, oil-free pneumatic system and highest quality and reliability components ensure suitability for use in white rooms.
  • Some types of blades, customized tube bushings and accessories allow the cutting of tubes made with different diameters and/or materials.


Our technical staff develops our proprietary mechanical engineering, electronics and software solutions.

Contact us if you need customizing.


Picture Model
Taglierine per tubo modello easy cut


EASY Cut is an extremely compact bench top tube cutting machine.

  • Tubing can be unreeled before cutting it or cut in advance
  • Electrically powered cutting element
  • Cutting precision
  • Independent unreeling system
Taglierine per tubo modello  ready cut


READY Cut is a bench top tube cutting machine equipped with a solvent dispensing system.

  • Tubing is unreeled before cutting
  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Independent unreeling system
Taglierine per tubo modello tecno cut


TECNO Cut is an automatic cutter for tubing in reels.

  • Display Touch 7’’
  • PLC
  • Integrated remote maintenance
  • Integrated alcohol system
  • Integrated tube unreeling system
  • Multiple use presets and modes
  • Industry 4.0 compliant
  • Collection tray for cut tubing
  • Production planning flexibility and quality reproducibility.

Taglierine per tubo modello double cut

Double Cut

DOUBLE Cut is an automatic machine for reeled tubing, designed to ensure maximum productivity and quality. Thanks to two cutting units independently controlled by PLC and actuators, DOUBLE Cut can process tubing having the same or different diameters at the same time.

  • Display Touch 7’’
  • PLC
  • Integrated remote maintenance
  • Integrated alcohol system
  • Multiple use presets and modes
  • Industry 4.0 compliant
  • Maximum production efficiency with minimum money and space investment
Taglierine per tubo modello roto cut


ROTO Cut is an automatic cutter for extrusion line

  • High cutting capacity
  • Tube discharging system for collecting constant tubing cut lengths in an orderly fashion
  • Alcohol system
  • Cutting precision


Semi-automatic machines

Check out our offer of standard machines for single workstations with operators, subdivided by working typology


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