CCB Cut-Coil-Band

CCB Cut-Coil-Band

In large part, disposable medicals consists of tubing lengths whose packaging requires them to be coiled and secured by cohesive tape bands.

The manual process of cutting, coiling and banding is quite expensive in terms both of required time and dexterity.

Tecnoideal has developed a machine capable of treating these three processes as a single, continuous and highly productive cycle.


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Description and operation

The CCB machine comprises:

  1. uncoiler: it uncoils tubing from a large reel
  2. cutter: proprietary blades assure a perpendicular cut of the tube in preset lengths, avoiding any impurity
  3. coiler: it orderly winds tubing in organized coils having preset diameter
  4. banding unit: it applies bands of cohesive tape to the coiled product, keeping it in shape
  5. finished product discharging unit: it selects products according to their length and discharges them in the appropriate pass or fail chute


CCB Cut-Coil-Band

Advantages and features

An automatic CCB machine offers concrete advantages in terms of productivity and process control:

  • When the Start button is pressed, the machine produces in continuous mode the coils of banded tubing, reaching a high productivity rate (400-800 pc/hr), without operator's involvement, except the refilling of tubing and cohesive tape when exhausted.
  • The CCB provides a continuous and accurate control of the tube length for each coiled product, thanks to an encoder system capable of evaluating product conformity in real time.
  • The touch screen control display allows the programming of recipes used to quickly change products or machine settings
  • It is possible to download in real time the machine productivity data.
  • Possible remote connection for online help.


grafico differenze ccb ccb plus
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The CCB is an automatic machine that cuts reeled tubing, coils it and packages it with a band of cohesive tape.

Two models are available, CCB and CCB Plus. The graph shows the production differences between them.

Depending on tubing length, coiled product configuration and banding type, a CCB Plus can reach a maximum productivity of 900 pieces/hr.

Attainable finished products

CCB Cut-Coil-Band allows the production of the following items:

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