Assembly lines for dialysis filters

Assembly lines for dialysis filters

Thanks to Medica's experience in dialysis filter technology and production, Tecnoideal can offer entire assembly lines, ensuring high productivity and, more importantly, an optimal control of process and quality parameters.

In fact, the machines developed by Tecnoideal are the fruit of the constant research and deep understanding of the processes required by this complex technology as perfected by the Medica group.

This synergy allows Tecnoideal to deliver to its clients a truly evolving package, including technology and – especially – process know-how.


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 Dialyzer assembly system - pdf


Customized assembly machines are designed to automate and make reliable a given productive process, minimizing the operator's intervention. In-process quality control ensures full tractability of every dialyzer we produce.



A complete assembly line includes four dedicated stations:

  1. Pre-potting
  2. Potting
  3. PUR (polyurethane) cutting and final assembly
  4. Filter wetting, leak test, water discharge and weight control.

1. Pre-potting

The first station includes manual feed of the capillary fiber hank, automatic case labeling with a laser printer, laser or other technologies fiber seal and mounting plug impregnation.

2. Potting

The second station carries out the operation of centrifugal potting.

3. PUR cutting and final assembly

The third station is dedicated to removal of the potting cover, 3-step PUR cutting using guillotine blades, O-ring manual positioning and semi-automatic screwing of the blood compartment covers.

4. Filter wetting and final checks

In the last station the dialyzers undergo several processes, achieving adequate wetting, testing and drying.

Each dialyzer undergoes a membrane integrity test, using precise electronic leak testers.

In the last section of the line the warm air drying process takes place. Subsequently, each dialyzer filter is weighted by an electronic scale. This delicate check establishes the conformity of the whole process.

These operations are automatically performed.

Attainable finished products

Our dialysis filter assembly lines allow the production of the following items:


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