Blood line automations

Blood line automations

The machines dedicated to the production of blood lines for dialysis have established Tecnoideal's reputation as an unmatched field leader.

The most common semi-finished products for blood lines are the following:

  1. Service line, comprising: tubing, clamp, female LL, luer plug
  2. Heparin line, comprising: tubing, clamp, female LL, plug, adapter
  3. Blood chamber, arterial and venous configuration, comprising: chamber, filter, lid.

Description and operation

Automatizing the production of these three semi-finished products, the producer achieves an immediate and significant gain in terms of capacity, quality and number of operators involved with complex and wearing assemblies.

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate other customized automations and bench top equipment, thus completing the blood line production cycle.


Attainable finished products

Blood line automation allows the production of the following items:


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