Solvent dispensers

Solvent dispensers

"Every bonding is a commitment"

Our solvent dispensers answer the call for precise gluing, achieving high quality results without wastages.

They are continuously redesigned and updated to satisfy the needs of our clients and the market at large.


Downloadable documents for Solvent dispensers

 Solvent Dispenser Technical Brochure - pdf


The dispensing bushing precisely apply solvent to the inner and/or outer surfaces of tubing and components, with repeatable solvent quantities along given lengths.

Our dosing is accurate thanks to the bushing, which is designed according to the diameters and lengths specified by the client.



Dosatore di solvente con Sistema di Allarme (ls-SD)


The solvent is continuously circulated within the dosing bushing by an electro-mechanical pumping system.

The solvent is simply distributed inserting the tubing or component in the bushing until it stops, and immediately removing it.

Once extracted, it will be ready to be assembled.


  • dosing speed and simplicity: the dispensing procedure is very quick. It suffices to insert and immediately extract from the bushing the tube or component to be dosed.
  • repeatability: minimum operator's training: the system ensures a repeatable quantity of dosed solvent, a known dosing length and error-free process.
  • wastage reduction and clean dosing: the dispenser configuration has been studied in order to reduce solvent evaporation in the working area. Furthermore, the bushing structure/shape limits solvent application only where it is needed.
  • minimal environmental contamination: the vapor conveyor system (separate accessory) extracts the vapors of dispensed solvent from the working area, making it healthier for the operators.


Tecnoideal produces a wide array of solvent dispensers, ensuring the accuracy, repeatability and speed of dispensing solvent and assembling disposable medical devices. Our models of solvent dispenser feature the following main accessories:

Picture Version
Dosatore di solvente


Dosatore di solvente con Cappa di Aspirazione Vapori (VCS)

Vapor conveyor system (VCS) 

It provides a better removal of vapors of dispensed solvent from the working area.

Dosatore di solvente Acciaio Inox (ss)

Stainless steel (ss) 

Suitable for particularly aggressive solvents.

Dosatore di solvente con Sensore di Livello (ls)

Level sensor (ls)

A LED signaling system indicates the amount of solvent left in the dispenser. When the level falls below a preset value, a red LED lights up and a buzzer alerts the operator.

Dosatore di solvente con Sistema di Allarme (ls-SD)

Alarm system (ls-SD) 

It comprises an audio-visual system and a door for controlling the solvent level.

Dosatore di solvente con maggiore capacità di serbatoio

Higher capacity tank (PLUS) 

The tank holds 200 mL of solvent.

Dosatore di solvente DS vision

Dosing quality control (DS VISION) 

New generation 4.0 

Attainable finished products

Our solvent dispensers allow the production of the following items:

Semi-automatic machines

Check out our offer of standard machines for single workstations with operators, subdivided by working typology


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