Our offer ranges from machines for single workstations to complete plants for the assembly of semi-finished products and medical devices.

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The key factors of Tecnoideal's good functioning are its core organizational structure and its interdepartmental co-ordination and communication.

The production organization is based on a well-defined distinction, according to machinery typology, between our two production divisions. One department is tasked with the production of semi-automatic machines such as cutters, dispensers, testing equipment, etc., whereas the second department is entrusted with the production of custom semi-automatic machines, designed and produced on spec.

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The company's other functions synergistically offer a comprehensive service capable of enriching and adding value to products. From first contact on, our customer service hear the client's needs and define a proposal to effectively satisfy them.

Next comes the product design, as determined by the analysis findings, followed by the machine development process, which counts on the quality department to perform the correct tests and final inspections. The last steps include delivery and possible installation of the machine at the client's production unit

Since its first activation, each Tecnoidealmachine is entrusted to our post-sales service, ready to meet all clients' needs for assistance or support.

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