Medica Group

Medica Group

Since 1985, the Medica Group is active in the biomedical district of Mirandola. Medica Group's core business has always been the innovative development of new blood purifying products. Over the years, R&D activities have been integrated with the highly automatic output capability of three plants, two in Italy and one in Tunisia.

Thanks to the controlled Tecnoideal S.r.l., a sole shareholder company, the Medica Group provides comprehensive design and development of disposable medical devices and electromedical equipment, in addition to the fine tuning of automation technologies required to produce such items. The technological edge of the company is based on the extrusion of hollow fiber membranes for hemofiltration, plasmapheresis and water ultrafiltration.

Tecnoideal and the Medica Group

Tecnoideal is also involved in designing, developing and producing the whole array of electromedical machines proposed by Medica.

Its know-how and development capabilities in the electromedical field are at the service of all other Tecnoideal products and vice versa, in a synergistic perspective of continuous research and growth.

In the last few years, the search for new products and markets translated into the founding of the Water division, tasked to develop and commercialize market water microbiological filtration devices as well as starting the development of bioregenerative medical devices.

Medica Group's growth

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MEDICA designs and produces a complete array of polysulfone membranes, dialysis filters, hemofilters, dialysis blood lines, infusion lines, filters for water microbiological purification. Furthermore, MEDICA produces machines for ICUs, cardiology and oncology departments.

SAR-MED is the Medica group's production center for polysulfone membranes, filters, tubing sets and catheters.

MEDICA MEDITERRANEE is destined to manufacture tubing sets requiring a significant amount of manual assembly.

Medica Group's structure

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