Be it a semi-automatic machine or a custom automation, every Tecnoideal product follows a precise and organized development path that warrants a high performance final result, perfectly in synch with the client's needs and specs.

From the first contact onward, our consultants work together with the clients in order to refine their specifications and ideal requirements, developing the right machine for their production system.

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From feasibility analysis to final optimization

The initial phases involve need definition and an a priori assessment of the effectiveness and feasibility of a given project. Sometimes, the investment needed to develop the required system does not constitute the most economically advantageous choice for the client, who would find automation solutions incapable of repaying the initial investment.

In these situations, Tecnoideal's know-how and twenty years plus of experience, allow us to propose to our clients, medical device production machines that make their business more efficient and profitable.

Simulations, feasibility tests and practical field tests on site help the clients to evaluate the prospected solution and choose the most convenient and profitable outcome for their production line.

Indeed, Tecnoideal's strength consists in our capability to present our clients with semi-automatic machines and custom automations producing disposable medicals, driven by performance and production objectives.

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During the concluding stages, our technicians can analyze final performance and further improve efficiency and efficacy of the developed machines, fully realizing the goals set by the clients.


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