Customized automations

Customized automations

For many years, Tecnoideal has been the design and construction leader in the field of automated machines and assembly systems for disposable medical devices. Tecnoideal's client roster includes many of the main producers of medical devices, worldwide.

Our extensive experience in the medical field, a highly qualified team of mechanical design, electronics and software experts and a wide network of specialized suppliers allow us to offer reliable and technologically advanced machines capable of satisfying our clients' needs.


Downloadable documents for Customized automations

 Customized assembly machines - pdf

 Sheet Service Line - pdf

 Sheet Heparin Line - pdf

 Sheet Blood Chamber - pdf



The automations conceived and produced by Tecnoideal are based on innovative design and systems for: cutting tubing lengths to size, mechanical assembly, component gluing, product coiling and banding, leak/patency testing and final control by vision systems.

Productivity ranges from 1,200 pc/hr to 6,000 pc/hr, according to the client's demands.

Most of our automatic machines are PLC controlled by proprietary software and we can provide upon request customized industrial PC and electronics.

Attainable finished products

Customized automations allow the production of the following items:


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