"Every tubing is a connection"

Picchio is a tube widening system, used when solvents or lubricants cannot be applied during assembling operations, or when the tube requires widening before solvent dosing.


Downloadable documentsfor Picchio

 Picchio Technical Brochure - pdf

Description and operation

Picchio is a bench top pneumatic device used to widen tubes, facilitating their assembly with greater diameter components.

The tube is inserted when the tips are closed. Then, the operator presses a control pedal, opening the tips and achieving the desired widening.




  • It widens tube internal diameter from 2.5 mm to 20 mm
  • The stainless steel tips assure compatibility with medical product processing
  • The base is holed to fasten the system on the bench top
  • Dry pneumatic system with silenced discharges
  • Double adjustment system
    • Tip opening adjustment screw
    • Flow controller to adjust the speed of tip opening/closing


Picture Model
Picchio a due punte

2-tip Picchio

It widens tubes from 3 to 16 mm ID.

Available with straight or 90° tips, left or right oriented.

Picchio a tre punte

3-tip Picchio

It widens tubes from 2.5 to 20 mm ID.

Tips are curved and can be oriented left or right.

Attainable finished products

Picchio allows the production of the following items:

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