Bench top testing machines

Bench top testing machines

Tecnoideal offers a vast array of bench top testing machines, the so called P-Test series, mainly destined to test disposable medical products, such as blood lines, infusion and transfusion sets, bags, respiration lines and many other devices that are tested under pressure.

Such testing of products to be put to medical use is expressively required by law.


Downloadable documents for Bench top testing machines

 P-Test technical brochure - pdf


Possible testing typologies:

  • Leak tests: measure pressure losses or drops
  • Single obstruction tests: identify the presence of an obstruction within the loop
  • Multiple obstruction tests: detect the presence of several obstructions or leaks in the tested product.

Leak test

The leak test comprises several steps:

  1. pressurization: compressed air is injected in the loop to be tested.
  2. stabilization: the fill valve is closed and the pressure is constantly monitored to detect possible leaks.
  3. test: any pressure drop within the loop is recorded and quantified. If such pressure drop exceeds a preset limit or "Leak limit", the product is rejected.
  4. discharge: the air injected in the product is let out.

Obstruction tests

This type of test can be performed only by the P-Test One and Nine models. It is used to verify whether the loop pressure falls within a preset pressure range (minimum - maximum). If the parameters exceed such range, an obstruction is present.

Single obstruction test

It verifies that the air injected through the test port of the device to be tested flows without restrictions and that the pressure achieved post-stabilization remains within the preset limits (Pmin – Pmax).

Multiple obstruction test

It is a leak test performed on products having several branches or ports, forming the loop to be tested for patency and seal when all ports are closed.




Picture Model
P-TEST One e Nine

P-TEST One and Nine

P-TEST One and Nine machines perform leak and obstruction tests on soft and rigid medical products. The P-TEST One reaches up to 1 bar of pressure and 0.2 hPa of resolution decay, whereas the Nine reaches 9 Bar, while maintaining the same resolution decay.

Test can be programmed by the operator within a vast range of pressures and times.

A new interface facilitate simplifies the machine use, widening its functionality to include validation and qualification testing for the purposes of quality assurance and R&D, as well as production control.

P-Test Plus 500-15-60

P-Test Plus 500-15-60

The P-Test Plus series presents a line-up of testing machines exclusively dedicated to leak testing of medical products.

Available versions:

  • P-TEST Plus 500: testing pressure up to 500 hPa, resolution decay equaling 0.01 hPa
  • P-TEST Plus 15: testing pressure up to 1500 hPa, resolution decay equaling 0.05 hPa
  • P-TEST Plus 60: testing pressure up to 6000 hPa, resolution decay equaling 0.1 hPa
P-test Vacuum

P-test Vacuum

The P-TEST Vacuum generates vacuum in a medical component and then measures any vacuum loss as shown by a leak test

The equipment comprises a P-test One Vacuum and a vacuum generator.

Sequenziatore a 6 vie

6 ways Sequencer

The 6 ways Sequencer for P-TEST is designed to carry out leak tests in sequence on 6 devices using one P-TEST tester and connecting each device to be tested to a test port of the Sequencer. The machine can be operated in manual or automatic mode.

The Sequencer consists of

  • Main module
  • Connecting cables and tubes


The following accessories are available for all model of the P-TEST series:

  • Pedal activated START switch
  • Remote control
  • Bag testing plates

Attainable finished products

Bench top testing machines allow the production of the following items:

Assemblies of cut, coiled, banded tubing, molded component

Semi-automatic machines

Check out our offer of standard machines for single workstations with operators, subdivided by working typology


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