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TECNOcut is a cutting machine for tubing in reels, particularly suitable for medical grade tubes, where cut-length precision, accuracy of the cut, and quality of contacts materials are of utmost importance.
The new TECNOcut  has been improved to reach a maximum tubing line speed of 75 m/min and a cutting speed of 300 cuts/min.
The new electronics and software allow the programming of cutting sequences and the storage in the memory of production programs.
Resident memory : 50 different production cycles can be stored in the memory, offering flexibility in planning production schedules, yet guaranteeing repeatability of the process.

Pre-selection of the length in millimeters or inches.

Possibility to set decimal lengths (on tube lengths shorter than 25.4mm or 1").

In-progress counter read-out of the actual number of sequences or steps completed and preset quantity per batch.

Display of the instant productivity (based on the last 10 pieces cut) and average productivity (based on the production lot), in pieces per hour.

Pre-selection of five languages: Italian, English, German, French, or Spanish.

The working cycle can be started either by pressing the START button or the supplied FOOT SWITCH.

3-color Light Signalling Column for indication of machine status (red = alarm, yellow = stand-by, green = working).

Acoustic signal (adjustable on three levels) on reaching the pre-set batch quantity.

Motor deceleration ramp adjustable on three levels to meet any cutting / productivity requirements.

Innovative Brake / Clutch unit with electronic control.

Dedicated unreeling unit and a pulling unit to guarantee the maximum cut-length reproducibility.

Microprocessor controlled machine, including diagnostic and safety systems.

Advanced technical construction, oil-free pneumatic system, and components of the highest quality and reliability to ensure suitability for use in clean rooms.
4 type of cutting blades, customised tube bushings and accessories allow cutting of tubes of different diameters.
TECNOcut  accessories
Discharge Conveyor: for orderly collection of the cut tubing into bundles.
Blade wetting system: wetting the blade with a few drops of alcohol will improve the cut quality on EVA, silicone and other "sticky" tubes.

Light dancer with arm: to facilitate the pulling and cutting of very small diameter or elastic tubes, improving repeatability of the cut.

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