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ROTOcut  is a cutting machine used on extrusion lines, for preparation of cut tubes of consistent length and collected in tidy bundles.
Maximum tubing line speed is 150 m/min; the maximum cutting speed is 1500 cuts per minute (with two blades).
An optional system that wets cutting blade with alcohol is available to improve quality of cut of silicone tubing.
ROTOcut  can be supplied with its own Discharge Conveyor system, for uniform collection of the cut tubes into bundles. It is also useful in orderly collection of cut tubing of considerable lengths.
Microprocessor controlled machine, including diagnostic and safety systems.

Pre-selection of the cut-length in millimetres.

In-progress counter read-out of the actual number of cycles completed; automatic system stopping and resetting on reaching the pre-set product quantity.

Pre-installed control-software for the Discharge Conveyor and Transversal Discharge Conveyor, allowing setting of the operation parameters from the control panel.

Pre selection of five languages: Italian, English, French, German or Spanish.

Advanced technical construction, oil-free pneumatic system and components of the highest quality and reliability to ensure suitability for use in clean rooms.

2 types of cutting blades and 6 series of cutting bushes available, to cut tubes with different diameters and / or materials.

Frame manufactured with anodised aluminium modular profile; mettalic anodised parts or subject to antioxidant treatment. 

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