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Production of Blood Lines

Upon request Tecnoideal can offer a complete assembly line for the production of Blood line sets, based on the following equipment:
a)    Automatic assembly machines for production of the most standard subassembly used in the blood lines. 
b)    CCB (Cut, coil and banding machine) for production of coiled and paper banded PVC tubing.
c)    READYcut machine for tube segments cutting and application of solvent.
d)    Manual bench for production of Pump Segment using solvent dispensers and drying racks. 
Each one of the above production system is suitable for the production of different part of the Arterial or Venous lines and for the final assembly of it.
e)    Manual assembly stations for the assembly of the complete line. 
f)    Conveyor for the subassemblies delivery to the manual stations as per point “e”.. 
These two parts are designed for the final assembly of the complete line starting from the subassemblies prepared by the automatic or semiautomatic system described at the points a); b); c); d).
The automatic assembly machines are:
1.    Service line including: tube, clamp, female L.L. connector, male luer cap.
2.    Heparin line including: tube, clamp, female L.L. connector,cap, adapter connector.
3.    Drip chamber production, Arterial and Venous versions. 
These subassemblies are the most standard part of the blood lines.
The Service line is present in more than one part per line. This means that the productivity of this subassembly needs to be much more than the other subassemblies. 
The coiled and banded tubes are subassemblies including tubes prepared in coils and banded with self-adhesive paper. These subassemblies are the main tubing of the lines. 
The other tubes of the line are cut with cutting machine (READYcut) directly in the manual assembly stations.
The last manual station is designed for the finished product leak testing. For this purpose an operator will use four leak testing stations (P-TEST). 

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