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Laser Marking System

PERMANENT Laser marking is permanent and indelible marking process, which stands against wiping, scuffing, impacts, wear and tear, can only be removed by grinding or surface removal. Thus laser - marking sustains authenticity of your brand against sort of tempering   
NON-CONTACT TYPE Laser marking is non-contact type process. It does not produce any deformation in product unlike in punching, stamping, pneumatic pin, vibratory pencil etc. This gives accurate and aesthetic marking independent of hardness of material.   
FLEXIBILITY Laser marking is highly flexible process compared to any other marking processes. It can mark any images and fonts without changing any punch, die, stencil etc. unlike other conventional processes.  
AESTHETIC/ACCURACY Since laser can produce very fine beam with accuracy in micron, many accurate and micro details with precision can be marked with laser marking. Laser can produce aesthetic images which otherwise difficult to create with other marking process.   
NO PRE/POST PROCESSING Since Laser marking is non-contact type, no pre or post processing is required, which in turn significantly increase marking productivity.  
LOW OPERATING COST Laser marking helps significantly in cutting operating cost by reducing labor cost, tool cost, consumable cost, set up time, rejection improved cycle time.   
AUTOMATION One of the prime advantage of laser marking is that it can be automated and can be integrated with any online process. With support of software, even variable serial nos., batch nos., date of bar code can be marked.
The machine is controlled and managed by a control cabinet with a PLC controller and its interface with display touch screen for main settings. The machine interface is for setting different programs ( nr of printings, spacing etc.)and for the machine supervision including diagnostic messages shown in case of problems in the system,  eg. machine not ready, no start signal, or other situations that need the operator's intervention.  In add to this a signal will be needed from the cutting unit for the complete control of the system. 

An important part of this solution is the " fumes exhauster and filter system" that is absolutely necessary for preventing hazards due to toxic fumes. This part is certificated and especially produced for this application. 
The system complies with the following norms: EN 50081-2, EN 55011, EN 50082-2, IEC 801-2, IEC 801-3, IEC 801-4, EN 60825-1, EN 60204-1 This results in a general compliance of the European norm 89/336/CEE.
Marking speed: up to 15 m/sec
Marking field: from 44x44 up to 177x177 mm2 for static marking; 
For product in movement: height from 44 up to 177mm.
*Windows®, TrueType®
Bar code: BC25, BC25l, BC39, BC39E, BC128, EAN128, EAN13, UPC_A, RSS14, RSS14 Truncated, RSS14 , Stacked, RSS14 
*Sequential numeration for batches, date function, time , hour, shift , etc. 
Laser Co2sealed, 30 Watt.
Beam deflection: Guided with galvanometric  high speed digital scanners.
Focus: High precision lens system, focus length 64/ 95/ 127/ 190/ 254 mm
- Remote control via Ethernet 
- Coding system, configuration and machine setting easy and intuitive.
- Diagnostic machine status with alarms and messages for problem identification. Clear and readable display.
By Ethernet for PC, USB; Optional RS232/422 CAN  
- Input from encoder; input from bar code reader. 
- Input-output up to 100 points. Interfaced with start/stop signals, synchronization with other external machines/ photocells, digital direct input. 
Electrical specifications: 85-240 V, ~50/60 Hz, 1 PH, 0.70 kW 
Cooling system: By air fan
Working conditions: 5 - 40 °C ; HR 20% - 80% (no condensation )
Case protection grade: IP54, optional IP65; LASER CLASS 4 
Standard cord: 3 meters, on request 5 mt. 
The machine complies with directive 2006/42/CE and has the CE mark

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