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PICCHIO is a pneumatic tubing expander to enlarge the internal diameter of PVC, EVA, polyurethane, silicone and latex tubing to fit on luers, barbs or others kinds of fittings.
There are two available kinds of Picchio: Picchio 2 Jaws and Picchio 3 Jaws.

With PICCHIO tubing is stressed by means of the movement of two, pneumatically driven, stainless steel jaws. Those jaws have a conical shape in order to process a wide range of tubing diameters: the tubing is inserted when the jaws are closed, then operator, using a foot switch, opens the jaws to obtain the desired enlargement of tubing.
PICCHIO is provided with a double adjusting system:
a screw to regulate the opening of the jaws to get the right enlargement of the tubing;
a flow regulator on air supply line to control the speed of opening and closing the jaws.
PICCHIO can be supplied with either : 
straight jaws
90° left jaws
90° right jaws
Upon request, we can supply customised sizes and versions of jaws.
Stainless steel jaws, to guarantee the best suitability for use on medical products
Compact design: PICCHIO can be easily installed on operator's desk and moved to the required working place.

PICCHIO 3 is a top bench pneumatic tubing expander to enlarge plastic tubes that, in the
standard configurations, allows to work a large range of tubing diameters: from 3 mm
minimum internal diameter to 20 mm maximum internal diameter.
PICCHIO 3 is suitable within the manufacture of medical devices like infusion and nutrition
sets, extracorporeal blood circulation tubing sets, extension lines and accessories.
With PICCHIO 3 the tubes are enlarged by means of a gripper tip that consists of
three stainless steel jaws, pneumatically driven, which open together.
The operator gives the working command using a special foot switch.
PICCHIO 3 may be configured with gripper tips having different diameter depending on the
internal diameter of tube to be worked:
• Gripper tip for tubes of internal diameter from 3 to 5 mm
• Gripper tip for tubes of internal diameter from 5.5 to 10 mm
• Gripper tip for tubes of internal diameter from 10.5 to 20 mm.
The machine is supplied equipped with:
• A set of jaws
• Set of stainless steel UNI5931 M6x50mm screws, with nuts and washers for fixing to
Other sets of jaws may be provided on request 
PICCHIO 3 conforms to Safety of Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

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