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Dialyzer production

Customized manufacturing and assembly machines are designed for an automated and reliable production process, with minimal manpower needs.
Quality control "in process" assures complete traceability of each dialyser produced.
The complete assemblyline is composed of four equipment stations:
1. Pre-potting operations
2. Potting operations
3. PUR cutting and final assembly
4. Filter wetting, leak test, water removal and weight check.
1. The first stations includes manual bundle insertion, automatic labelling of the housing using a laser printer, laser beam fiber sealing and potting cap assembly.
2. The second station performs the potting operation by centrifuge.
3. In the third station the removal of the potting cap, the PUR cutting in three steps by proper blades working as a guillottine, manual positioning of the "O"ring and teh semiautomatic screwing of the blood ports.
4. Finally in the last station, dialyzers are treated in several processes for proper wetting, testing and drying;, these operations take place automatically while dialyzers are being processed along the length of the conveyor.The leak test for the membrane's integrity is performed individually on the dialyzers by using accurate and precise electronic leak testers.The last part of teh line is for partial drying with hot air and weight checks where a weighing machine electronically accepts or rejects the dialyzers to assure that the filters are properly dried.

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