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The CCB is an automatic machine designed to CUT tubing from reels, COIL and BAND it with cohesive tape.
CUT : a reel of tubing is loaded onto the machine reel holder and the required cut length is set on the machine control panel. At each working cycle the machine will cut the tubing at the preset length.
COIL : after the cut, the piece of tubing is coiled at the dimensions and for the number of turns set in the machine program. Position and length of the free tubing ends can also be programmed.
BAND : a piece of cohesive tape is cut directly from reel at the required length, then wrapped around the coiled tubing in one of the 3 modes available.

Product specifications:

CCB can work tubing dimensions in the range of 2.5 - 6.0 mm, with a variable maximum length from 2 to 4 m (variable depending on final product specs).
Coil ID that can be processed are in the range of 70 - 110 mm.

Accepted paper width: 13mm 
The finished product is then automatically discharged into a collection bin.
Depending on the length of tubing, required configuration of the coil and type of banding, the CCB can reach a productivity of 500 pieces per hour
  • Maximum coiling / uncoiling speed and motor acceleration ramp adjustable to meet any cutting / productivity requirements.
  • Password protection for machine settings.
  • Pre-selection of positioning of the free tubing ends on the coiled tubing and number of turns for the coil (with display of the corresponding actual tubing length in millimeters).
  • Independent adjustment of the length of the two free tube ends.
  • Pre-selection of the type of banding and length of cohesive tape band.
  • In-progress counter read-out of actual number of coils completed and preset batch quantity.
  • Display of the average productivity (based on the production lot), in pieces per hour.
  • 3-color Light Signalling System on the control panel for indication of machine status (red = alarm, yellow = stand-by, green = working).
  • Acoustic signal on reaching the preset batch quantity or for alarm conditions.
  • Customised bushings allow cutting of tubes of different diameters and / or materials.
  • PLC controlled machine, including diagnostic and safety systems. Additional door-lock system to prevent unwanted opening of the doors when the machine is running.
  • Advanced technical construction, oil-free pneumatic system, and components of the highest quality and reliability to ensure suitability for use in clean rooms.

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