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Banco di Assemblaggio Semi-automatico

Assembly bench for disposable medical tubing sets (controlled by TWINcut)
ERGOLINE System 2 is the innovative production system designed for optimal assembly of blood lines for hemodialysis, and generally for the assembly of medical products with the following characteristics:
  • multiple tube length and diameter sizes;
  • complex tube configurations with several components or sub-assembly;
  • multiple solvent and assembly steps;
  • coiling of finished tubing / device assembly;
  • in-line integrity testing.
TWINcut automatic dual cutting machine that provide accurately cut tubing to the operator on time for immediate assembly. Usually two different types of tubing are loaded and the machine can cut them at any required length, and in any programmed sequence.
Also, the TWINcut control unit manages the sequence of the assembly steps in order to produce the programmed product in a preset time.

A bench with a rotating distributor, holding 12 trays to be preloaded with the components that will be presented in front of the operator in the right assembly sequence.

A solvent dispenser, DS2, for quick consistent, and reliable glueing of tubes and components.

A coiling machine, Windy, to coil the product while assembling it, by means of a foot switch, and a gentle and adjustable rotation.

A calibrated leak test machine, P-TEST One, for 100% pressure decay test of finished product. Product under testing is positioned in the provided holder. During the testing time, the operator will start the next assembly sequence.
BENEFITS of ERGOLINE System 2 over traditional production PROCESSES
Reduction of manpower assembly time.
Reduction of handling time: no time is spent cutting tubes and warehousing/handling of cut pieces of tube required for final product. Only reels of tubing are supplied to ERGOLINE System 2.
Less work in progress materials: final product is assembled immediately by the operator thus reducing the quantity of components and subassemblies usually stored in production or in warehouse.
The assembly sequence is controlled by ERGOLINE System 2. Operator will produce a fail safe product in a preset time.
Each operator produces finished products so, quality and quantity of production is easily controllable and traceable.
Production planning is easy and reliable as production time is programmed per each type of product.
Once a new product is programmed, ERGOLINE System 2 stores the production sequence that can be recalled when needed for any future production of the same product.
User friendly system: production time can be programmed according to operator skill and assembly speed.
Through a PC and our dedicated TECNOsys data management software, it is possible to follow-up on line production progress of one or more units of ERGOLINE System 2, obtaining the necessary data necessary for production management.
The result is that the ERGOLINE System 2 is the best production system to meet GMP and ISO 9002/EN 46002 requirements.

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