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Production Management Software

Production Management Software for TWINcut, ERGOLINE System 2, READYcut

TECNOsys is the specific software for the management of one or a network of TWINcut, ERGOLINE System 2, READYcut.
TECNOsys can be easily installed on any PC running Microsoft Windows OS, which will then be linked to the machine to control. The PC with TECNOsys can also be connected in a network of one or more machines, by means of Network box, a RS232/485 converter.
Connecting the machines in a network simplifies programming; once a program has been created on TECNOsys it can be transferred to all the machines in the network. Furthermore, you can immediately obtain and print the statistical data needed for production control (quantities produced by each machine in the network), save and print production reports.
Program management: you can easily  create, save and modify any number of production programs, and print them with the details of each production step.
Overall production review: TECNOsys shows in real-time an overall view of all the linked machines, the program in use at each station, and other useful information for production management.
Production report: TECNOsys makes a report of all the stations working on the same work order, with total of produced products.
Station monitoring: in addition to view detailed information on the selected station from the PC, it is possible to send messages to the display of the stations and eventually stop the production.
Possibility to retrieve the programs stored in the machines (if a program has been entered or modified by the machine keyboard).
Conversion of old projects/programs created with ERGOsys software (data management software for old ERGOLINE System model).
Upgrade of machines firmware through the PC.
Data converter: on-line utility for easy and fast conversion of millimeters - inches - fractions.

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