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P-TEST PLUS 500-15-60

Full scale up to 6000 hPa, decay resolution up to 0.01 hPa
P-TEST Plus represents the technological peak in the new P-TEST Electro-pneumatic Leak Testers series. Designed and built for advanced testing, the machine combines the maximum precision and resolution of decay together with great flexibility, allowing the setting of almost all testing and working parameters.
Add to these features a easy-to-use interface and a wide LCD graphic display, and P-TEST Plus can easily be considered the top solution for advanced validation and quality assurance purposes.
Available versions:
P-TEST Plus 500: full scale up to 500 hPa, resolution 0.01 hPa
P-TEST Plus 15: full scale up to 1500 hPa, resolution 0.05 hPa
P-TEST Plus 60: full scale up to 6000 hPa, resolution 0.1 hPa
Automatic Pressure Adjustment by the Electronic Pressure Regulator, allowing a precise and repeatable pressure adjustment, independent from operator variability.
Resident memory can store up to 100 test programs, including information on date, time of each new program saved, the number of test executed per program (with separate counter for goods and rejects).
Wide LCD Graphic display, backlit, with contrast adjustment, and user friendly keyboard.
Self Test Procedure: to control the correct functioning of the machine systems.
5 Languages selection (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). New languages can be added upon request.
Guided calibration procedure.
Password protection with multiple security layers.
Flexible test programming: pressure regulator can be set to the most appropriate operating mode (Normal, Accurate or Fast).
Leak measurements: in terms of pressure drop, pressure rate (pressure/minute), flow at atmospheric pressure* in scc/min, or flow at test pressure* in cc/min.
*The flow measuring is made by indirect calculation based on the known volume of the piece under test.
Test Repeat function: allows repeating of the same test up to 9999 times. The test will be considered passed if all the tests in the sequence give positive result. This function is particularly indicated to test the mechanical stress of a device or when simulating a life-cycle of a piece.
Communication ports: 1 RS232/485 optoisolated and 1 RS232 for PC & printer connection; 1 PLC interface for program selection, test start and test results acquisition; 1 interface for Remote Start or Foot Switch connection.
Available accessories:
  • foot pedal
  • remote control
  • Holder for Bag Test

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