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UV Glue Dispensers

DUV UV Adhesive Dispenser has been designed for precise, repeatable, and quick dispensing of UV adhesive on PVC, ABS, and other medical polymers used for assembling medical products.
The DUV can dispense adhesive on the internal or external surfaces of tubing, conical surfaces, needles, and various types of connectors and components.
Adhesive is continuously recirculated through the bush by means of an electric pumping system, and precisely dispensed on medical tubing or components by means of a custom made dispensing bush, by just inserting the tubing or component into the relevant bush and immediately pulling it back for assembly operation.
The dispensing bush can dispense adhesive on the external surface of tubing or components surfaces from 1.3 to 8.0 mm. Each diameter of tube requires its own dispensing bush. Bushes are easily and quickly interchangeable.
Maximum viscosity of adhesive that can be dispensed is 1500 cP.
For more information about DUV Adhesive Dispenser, configurations available and accessories, you can download the brochure here below.

Further available configurations:

DUV PLUS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



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